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“To My Dear and Loving Husband”

Early pilgrim writer Anne Bradstreet was the first published female poet in the New World. She left her father’s aristocratic English home to follow her husband and their shared religious vision to Massachusetts in 1630.

During her husband’s frequent business trips, Anne deeply missed him. Her poems about him reflect a deep, spiritual connection and a romance most Puritan couples tried to spurn. Anne recognized her marriage as a central part of her vocation and loving her family as her way to love God.

At this time of year when we give thanks, it seems only fitting to share a poem about a woman who feels as thankful for her husband as I am for mine. Read the rest of this entry

The Art of Letter Writing

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As far as I’m concerned, receiving mail of my own is one of the greatĀ privilegesĀ of being an adult. I love the feeling of going to the mailbox, hoping there is something worthwhile inside. When I see the script of a dear friend marking a lovingly handwritten letter, it always makes my day. And I know that, if I take the time to respond, I can show her how much I care about and appreciate her. That’s why letter writing is a wonderful art to share with the people you care about. Read the rest of this entry