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How to Get Advice That Actually Helps You

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We only live once. That means that every step in life is new and different. Passing from one role at which we have no experience to another is part of what keeps life interesting. But it precisely because each stage in life brings new, exciting challenges that it is so important to learn to ask for—and take—advice.

I’ve had to play many new roles in the last three years of my life. I was a graduate student in a long-distance relationship. Then I was a newly-wed just starting a new job. Now I’m a new mom. Each new challenge has required a lot of advice and help from a supportive community of women—family, friends, and co-workers. Receiving so much advice has taught me a lot about how good advice and how to get it.

Good advice depends on who you ask, what you ask, and how you listen. Read the rest of this entry

Wifery in Action: Marie-Anne Pierette Paulze Lavoisier

Because there isn’t a clear, written tradition of what it is to be an excellent married woman, examples of great wifery are hard to come by. That’s why Marie-Anne Pierette Paulze, wife of pioneering chemist Antoine Lavoisier, earned her place as the “poster wife” for Experimental Wifery.

When Marie-Anne was thirteen, the almost-forty-year-old Count d’Amerval asked for her hand. He even tried to pressure her father into the ill-conceived match by threatening his job. To save both his daughter and his livelihood, Marie-Anne’s father offered her hand to a younger man and respected colleague, Antoine Lavoisier. Read the rest of this entry

The Perfect Sunday Dinner: Why It’s Important and How to Pull It Off

Sunday dinner is a beloved tradition all women should share with their friends and families. This Italian Roast Beef with Polenta recipe is a great way to start a Sunday dinner tradition of your own. Brown the beef, add some spices, and throw the whole thing in a crock pot for eight hours while you enjoy an afternoon with the people you care about. The polenta cooks in the time it takes to set the table.

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Five Steps to Looking More Gorgeous (and Professional) at Work

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Basic business casual usually means a shirt, a skirt or slacks, and a pair of shoes for all the women in your office. But by keeping five, simple steps in mind, a woman can set herself apart in the workplace as a professional…and as a lady. Read the rest of this entry

Why a Family Budget Is “Women’s Work”

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As part of its Thirty Days to a Better Man series, The Art of Manliness encouraged men to make a budget. And with good reason. As AoM points out, a budget puts you in control, reduces stress, and increases confidence.

But a man isn’t the one who ought to keep the budget. A home—and a marriage—runs more smoothly when a woman is in charge of the budget.
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How to Write Great Thank You Notes

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Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the Mary Kay Cosmetics company, set herself a simple task: she hand wrote three thank you notes at the close of each day. She attributed part of her success in business to taking the time to let the people around her know they were appreciated. Read the rest of this entry

Great Workouts for Women: Ballet

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For most women, ballet calls one of two images to mind. We might remember our own elementary school ballet classes, frilly, pink tutus and all. Or we might think of gorgeous, athletic dancers whose abilities are totally beyond our reach.

Despite its reputation, ballet is approachable for adults—both as an art form and as an exercise. There are many reasons the Experimental Wife ought to try ballet. Read the rest of this entry