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Two Wedding Gift “Rules” That Are Meant to Be Broken

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The Wedding Morning by John Henry Frederick BaconWedding gifts are important. They allow us to show our support to the happy couple and to help them start their new lives together. Maybe that’s why wedding gift-giving can get emotionally charged and high-stress. But it turns out that those rules are less complicated than you may think. Read the rest of this entry

5 Tasteful Bachelorette Parties That Won’t Break the Bridesmaids’ Budget

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Women have thrown parties to celebrate their friends’ weddings for centuries. But the modern idea of a bachelorette (or hen) party modeled on mens’ bachelor parties has only been around since the 1960’s. With the advent of the sexual revolution came the desire for men and women to have equally sodden and debauched parties to say farewell to the single life.

It isn’t too late to reclaim the older tradition—a happy, wholesome celebration of friendship that doesn’t leave the bride-to-be embarrassed or hung over just days before her wedding. These five tried-and-true ideas are all great ways to show a friend your love and joy. Read the rest of this entry