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Experimental Wifery’s Guide to Being a Woman on the Web

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The Internet has a dizzying array of sites for women. There are celebrity gossip sites that drain our time, fashion sites that promote the culture of consumption, (some) mommy blogs for the endless “mommy wars” debates… But there are women running thoughtful sites about peeling back the superficial facade of femininity imposed by popular culture to get at the true nature of womanhood underneath. These sites will help you grow as a woman, wife, and person. Read the rest of this entry

What It Means to Be a Woman: Teenage Girls and Role Models

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I teach ninth- and tenth-grade English class at the Brookewood School. For the final project, I asked each girl to define for herself what is it to be a woman and design a website to share her ideas with the world. While I’m proud of each and every site I’m blown away with the realization they all reached: a woman cannot be a better woman and wife by herself. We need to look for role models to become good women. And the girls came up with some ingenious places to look.
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