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History’s 10 Strangest Fashions for Women

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As much as we might regret the return of 80s fashion, women have worn far stranger things than neon colors and acid wash jeans. Dead-animal chic, non-existant sleeves and skirts that won’t pass through doorways are just the beginning. It seems like women have always been willing to go to extremes to look fashionable, but hopefully these 10 bizarre styles are gone for good. Read the rest of this entry

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known about Being Pregnant

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Many young girls and newly-wed women fanaticize about the day they’ll finally become pregnant. But it is remarkable how little most of us know about pregnancy before we become mothers ourselves. By communicating more openly about what to expect, women can better help each other prepare for the difficult—and rewarding—task of childbearing. These are the ten most important lessons I learned during my pregnancy that I would like to share with the not-yet-initiated. Read the rest of this entry