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What Does He Really Want for the Holidays?

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January via Wikimedia CommonsMen are notoriously difficult to buy for. And nothing stings quite like a beloved’s look of apathy (disappointment!) when he unwraps what you thought was the perfect present. In search of answers, I sought out advice from my “informal panel of men.” With their help, I present three general principles for giving gifts to men and a few ideas to get you started. Read the rest of this entry

A Wife’s Guide to Baby Registries

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Experienced mothers all over the world host baby showers for their families and friends. In most Western countries, new mothers ask for specific gifts at showers by creating registries to tell guests what they want. But when moms-to-be register for their own gifts, they often miss out on the wisdom and expertise other members of their communities have to offer. Experimental Wifery offers some ideas to think about how to decide what you’ll need for your new baby and a few practical suggestions about how to register.
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How to Demand (and Get!) Great Customer Service

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My family recently had our windows replaced. It was an ordeal that turned out to be long and expensive. When the company installed windows that weren’t even the right color, I had to make several angry phone calls to the general manager and owner to get the problem solved. And along the way, I learned a few valuable lessons about customer service.

Gone are the days when airline passengers could expect a warm meal or department store customers knew that managers would go out of their way to make the shopping experience pleasant. Spending money today can be a real chore because most companies have lost an emphasis on customer service. It isn’t just the companies’ fault—it’s our fault, too, for paying more attention to price-tags than the quality of the things we buy and the way we’re treated when we buy them. Read the rest of this entry