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Hosting a Dinner Party for People with Food Allergies and a Menu to Get You Started

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Küchenstück mit Köchin und Küchenmagd by Joachim BeuckelaerAt least 15 million Americans suffer from known food allergies. Many more have food sensitivities they may not even be aware of.

I hesitate to invite over friends with food allergies. It can be a lot of trouble to go on a special shopping trip or buy expensive special ingredients. Plus, making food for friends with food allergies puts their health in my kitchen. That’s a big responsibility!
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Easy Comfort Food for Hard Times: Omurice

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Everyone has those days when nothing seems to go right. Where we don’t have the energy left to do the things that would make us feel better—like cleaning up, exercising, or cooking. That’s why the Japanese comfort food omurice is one of my favorite treats on those terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad days. A few veggies, a couple of eggs, cooked rice, and ketchup are all it takes to settle the soul. Read the rest of this entry

A Wife’s Guide to Winter Squash

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Even though most of us are more familiar with winter squash’s less doughty cousin–summer squash like zucchini–winter squash is an excellent addition to a cold-weather diet. Winter squash lasts three to five months after it’s autumn harvest time, so there the closest thing to in-season vegetables most of us can find until early spring. Winter squasheare also nutrient-dense, full of vitamins like iron, folate, and fiber. They’re even a great low-carb or gluten-free alternative for those with special dietary needs. Experimental Wifery shares our favorite winter squash and three recipe ideas to get you cooking. Read the rest of this entry

How to Make Buttermilk Biscuits… from Scratch

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Canned biscuits have artificial color to turn them that perfect golden, brown color. And both canned biscuits and biscuit mix use soybean oil instead of that staple of Southern food: butter. But real, homemade biscuits are a treat with a texture and taste all their own. Experimental Wifery teaches you to make buttermilk biscuits the Southern way… from scratch. Serve them in the morning with eggs and sausage or bacon. Serve them at meals in place of dinner rolls. Or serve them with jam and honey as a delightful, sweet snack. Read the rest of this entry

5 Classic Summer Cocktails

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Summer is a great time to spend time with your family and friends, enjoy the great outdoors, and relax together. By serving cocktails at summer get-togethers, you make guests feel at ease in your home and bring a little extra fun and elegance to any occasion. These 5 classic cocktails are easy to whip up, taste great, and even use ingredients like mint or cucumber that you can grow in your own backyard garden. Read the rest of this entry

How to Make Refried Beans… from Scratch

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I always thought refried beans came in a can that smelled something like dog food. But the delicious, rich flavor of restaurant-style pinto beans is incredibly easy to duplicate at home. Make four servings with five minutes of effort, a few spices and two dollars’ worth of dried beans. Inexpensive, easy, and from the heart—everything the Experimental Wife wants in a recipe. Read the rest of this entry

How to Make Delicious, Buttery Pancakes… from Scratch

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“My friend’s mom makes pancakes really weird,” my young cousin once told my aunt. “She pours this liquidy stuff onto a pan. She doesn’t use the microwave at all!” My cousin had just encountered the joy of homemade pancakes. Frozen pancakes, just-add-water batter, and even baking mixes really don’t compare to the moist, buttery crispness of truly made-from-scratch pancakes in taste, or in that sense of pride from turning flour, milk, and eggs into a delicious breakfast treat. Read the rest of this entry