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How to Survive Prodromal Labor

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La Donna Gravida by RaphaelMost moms-to-be are surprised to find out labor won’t be what they’re expecting. Labor probably won’t start with their water breaking at a dramatic moment. (Only about 15% of women begin labor this way.) Some moms-to-be may not even be sure they have started labor at all.

Maybe you think you’ve started labor. You have to concentrate to cope with the pain of contractions. They come regularly. Maybe they even come less than five minutes apart. You rush to the hospital only to discover that you haven’t dilated. You aren’t in active labor at all. But the painful contractions just keep coming.

You may be in prodromal labor.
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How to Make Working While You’re Pregnant Work

Graffiti in Lebanon via Wikimedia CommonsBy the time I found out I was pregnant, my high school students already had their suspicions. How could they help it? I was missing first period classes and running out of the room to throw up. While I eventually learned to handle both pregnancy and work, I learned the hard way how difficult those two facets of life can be to balance.

Pregnancy is never easy, but working through a pregnancy creates a unique set of challenges all its own. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and foresight, you can learn to live with the changes in how you feel, what you can do, and where you’ll invest your time. And learning to cope with these changes during pregnancy means you’ll be better prepared for your life post-delivery. Read the rest of this entry

A Wife’s Guide to Baby Registries

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Experienced mothers all over the world host baby showers for their families and friends. In most Western countries, new mothers ask for specific gifts at showers by creating registries to tell guests what they want. But when moms-to-be register for their own gifts, they often miss out on the wisdom and expertise other members of their communities have to offer. Experimental Wifery offers some ideas to think about how to decide what you’ll need for your new baby and a few practical suggestions about how to register.
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Ten Things I Wish I’d Known about Being Pregnant

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Many young girls and newly-wed women fanaticize about the day they’ll finally become pregnant. But it is remarkable how little most of us know about pregnancy before we become mothers ourselves. By communicating more openly about what to expect, women can better help each other prepare for the difficult—and rewarding—task of childbearing. These are the ten most important lessons I learned during my pregnancy that I would like to share with the not-yet-initiated. Read the rest of this entry