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How to Prevent Arguments with the People You Love

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Medieval couple Abelard and Heloise have a heated conversation.

A few nights ago, Adam was three hours late coming home. He didn’t call. He didn’t e-mail. He didn’t text. So I sat at home getting more and more worried. When he walked through the door, I was overwhelmed by gratitude and relief. But if I was so happy to see him, why was my first instinct to start a huge fight?

In relationships, some things really should make us angry—but not everything. A husband who rarely takes nights out with friends, and who loaned me his smartphone, probably doesn’t deserve my wrath. These are the lessons I learned that night about choosing not to start an argument.
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Make the Most of Your Weekend with a Day of Rest

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Jews and Christians value a day for rest as one of the most important parts of their religious devotion. Muslims, Buddhists, and Bahá’ís all devote one day a week to rest, reflection, and community building. There are very real benefits of taking a day of rest for all of us—even those who aren’t people of faith.
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An Evening Reflection Ritual

Life is hectic. That’s why we all need a time and space in our days to be still collect ourselves. For centuries, men and women in religious orders have had ritual prayers to end their days and calm their spirits. But an evening reflection ritual can add to everyone’s quality of life. Read the rest of this entry