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Trick-or-Treating Etiquette

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Like most exciting holidays where we give and receive, Halloween is a tempting time to get so caught up in the occasion we forget our manners. But Halloween has rules of etiquette all its own for candy-givers and trick-or-treaters.

Giving out candy

  • Before sunset, be sure to clear the path to your door of anything that might be hazardous in the dark—electrical cords, wet leaves, bikes, and skateboards can create quite an obstacle course when trick-or-treaters can’t see.
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Eight Easy Ways to Get to Know the Neighbors

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The world may keep getting smaller, but Americans spend less and less time with the people who live nearest to us. Most of us know more about national politics than we do about the things going on in our own communities. And we often drive across town to visit people who think the same way we do instead of learning something new from the families right next door. That kind of isolation from our neighbors costs us the sympathetic ears, helping hands, and loving hearts neatest to our homes. Read the rest of this entry