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How to Sing Harmony

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Alleluia by Thomas Cooper GotchChoral music is a little slice of what makes us human. One the one hand, our voices are capable of more subtlety and nuance than any other instrument; singing is a very personal, creative, and individual art. On the other, choral music requires a true gift of self, choosing to work together to produce something more beautiful than I can create on my own.

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The Storm Is Passing Over

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I learned the spiritual “The Storm Is Passing Over” when I was in middle school, singing with the Spivey Hall Children’s Choir. At first, I took it literally, clinging to the song as my family sat through a tornado on vacation in Williamsburg, VA. But through the difficult transitions of puberty, moving to a new school, and losing friends and family, “The Storm Is Passing Over” became my anchor, the one thing that reminded me, again and again, that whatever trials and tribulations I faced, they would always end. In fact, it was this spiritual that prevented me from taking my life in high school when I was suffering from undiagnosed depression. Read the rest of this entry