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I Love What I Do: Volunteer EMT

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What Are YOU Doing to Help via Wikimedia“I Love What I Do!” We interview women who find creative work that makes them feel fulfilled without sacrificing their personal or family lives. They’ll share what their jobs are really like and how other women can find something they love to do.

Linda, a volunteer emergency medical technician, describes the excitement and drama dealing with medical emergencies. She shares with us what it is like to balance volunteering with her family life and why she spends her free time saving lives. Read the rest of this entry

Make-Overs for Moms (and Other Busy People): Make-Up and Hair

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Woman in Red Bodice and Her Child by Mary CassattLet’s face it. When it comes to prioritizing all the things we need to get done during a busy day, taking care of our physical appearances is often the first to go. But over time, neglecting ourselves can damage our sense of self-worth, our reputations, our marriages, and our overall well-being. That’s why, as part of my month of self-care, I gave myself a make-over. And, more importantly, I found a beauty routine that fits into my routine and makes the right statement about who I am. Read the rest of this entry

The Perfect Housewife: A Great American Myth

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When a high school teacher found out she was pregnant with her third child, she did what she had always wanted to do: she quit her job to stay home with her kids. Armed with an idea of what life as a traditional housewife looked like, she “expected to have a spotless house, nutritional, home-cooked meals, happy, pleasant children…” Instead, she found herself with “laundry coming out [her] ears, a never-ending supply of dishes in the sink, and children who alternated from happily playing to yelling at each other every few minutes.”

“What am I doing wrong?” she asked.

Read more at Darling Magazine…

Wifery in Action: Abigail Adams

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In his Pulitzer-Prize-winning book, Founding Brothers, Joseph Ellis names Abigail Adams as one of the eight most prominent political leaders in early America alongside such greats as her husband, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. (It almost goes without saying that she is the only woman on his list.) Her loyalty to her husband, devotion to their common cause, and excellence as a wife and mother make her a beautiful example of Wifery in Action. Read the rest of this entry