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How to Live in the Moment

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One of the side effects of being a thoughtful woman, wife, or mother is that it is sometimes difficult to take a break. Whether or not we realize it, those plans for lunch tomorrow, worries about childcare, and self-reminders about our to-do lists can leave our brains stuck in “on mode,” even when we’re trying to sleep or relax. By training ourselves to be aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can become happier and healthier people. And it’s easier than you think.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is fundamentally about living in the present. When we practice mindfulness, we become fully aware of our bodies, our feelings, and the world around us. Read the rest of this entry

Make Yourself an Emotional First-Aid Kit

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Most of us know what to do when we cut ourselves on something sharp—we go to the first-aid kit for medicines and bandages. But when we feel hurt, tired, or stressed emotionally, we don’t have clear solutions on hand.

An emotional first-aid is a resource for those times when you need a little extra help to lift your mood or turn your day around. Some things you can carry with you. Others you can keep in a drawer at home. The idea is to know what sensory experiences give you positive feelings so you can reach for them the same way you reach for an aspirin when you have a headache. Read the rest of this entry