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What Is Psychotherapy Really Like?

At the Ball via WikimediaAbout six months ago, a few days of self-reflection showed me something I didn’t want to see: I needed help. Life had gotten to overwhelming and I just couldn’t do it on my own anymore. I started looking for psychiatric care.

There had been many difficult weeks and months over the past decade or so in my life when I’d asked myself, “Do I need to see someone?” But the idea of therapist made me nervous. I didn’t know what to expect from psychotherapy, and I wasn’t sure what being in therapy would mean about myself.

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You Might Be Depressed and Not Even Know It

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Even though the symptoms had been getting worse for months, my diagnosis of severe post-partum depression really caught me off guard. Sure I didn’t enjoy cooking anymore, but surely that’s because it’s so much harder with a one-year-old underfoot. The anxiety I felt about disappointing my family and friends was because I wasn’t sleeping well. I cried all the time because my son was weaning, right? And I felt so worthless because I was a failure as a mother. Read the rest of this entry

Confessions of a Blogger with Post-Partum Depression

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Those of you who regularly follow my blog may have noticed a lot of links to guest posts over the last few weeks. I haven’t been posting much fresh content because I’ve spent a week in the psychiatric ward of Georgetown University Hospital for acute post-partum depression. As it turns out, I’ve been sick for a long time without realizing. it.

Experimental Wifery will continue to be a site about learning to be a better woman and wife. But over the next few weeks and months, much of what I’ll be learning will be skills to cope with and protect myself from depression–important skills that will make me a better woman and wife. Read the rest of this entry