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How to Take Care of Your Family If Something Happens to You

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Mjallhvít from an 1852 Icelandic translation of Snow White via WikimediaI don’t like to think about death. But the fact is that my husband and I will die someday. If we die before my son is grown, I want to know that he is taken care of. For healthy young adults like us, paying an attorney to set up a will or a sending a monthly fee to a life insurance company can seem like a waste of money. We choose to spend the money now because, if our family ever faces a tragedy like a terminal illness or a fatal accident, we want our family to be secure. Read the rest of this entry

How to Talk to a Loved One about Depression

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Spiritual Assistance by H. Grobe

When someone we love is suffering, we want to help. But when he or she is suffering from a mental illness, that help can be hard to give.

Depression alters a person’s sense of reality and makes other people’s perceptions difficult to believe. Read the rest of this entry

I Love What I Do: Volunteer EMT

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What Are YOU Doing to Help via Wikimedia“I Love What I Do!” We interview women who find creative work that makes them feel fulfilled without sacrificing their personal or family lives. They’ll share what their jobs are really like and how other women can find something they love to do.

Linda, a volunteer emergency medical technician, describes the excitement and drama dealing with medical emergencies. She shares with us what it is like to balance volunteering with her family life and why she spends her free time saving lives. Read the rest of this entry

An “Owner’s Manual” for the Female Body

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Advertisement for Lozier Touring Car via Wikimedia CommonsWhen I was a child, my parents were in complete control of my health care. Now that I’m an adult, I’m not always sure what sorts of things I should be doing to take care of my body. I know I should eat well and stay active, but what else am I supposed to be doing to stay healthy?

Experimental Wifery brings you an “Owner’s Manual” for your body: how to take care of yourself–inside and out–and where to go to understand yourself better. Read the rest of this entry