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The 5 Gifts He Actually Wants

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A Favor by Edmund LeightonSelf-sacrifice isn’t easy, especially because a giving attitude is only half the battle. It doesn’t matter how much we want to give if we can’t identify what to give and when to give it.

As part of my recovery from depression, Adam and I sat down and made of the sacrifices he would like me to make. (At my most depressed, I was making many unnecessary sacrifices for him because I thought my needs were unimportant.) We came up with a list of five real needs that I can meet by giving something up–whether it’s time, privacy, or control. That way a sacrifice is a selfless gesture oriented around his needs, instead of a self-centered gesture focused on my thoughts and feelings. Read the rest of this entry

I Love What I Do: Photography

Greetings from Hamburg Postcard via Wikimedia“I Love What I Do!” We interview women who find creative work that makes them feel fulfilled without sacrificing their personal or family lives. They’ll share what their jobs are really like and how other women can find something they love to do.

Atlanta-based photographer Anne Almasy turned a childhood hobby into an award-winning career. She shares with us the story of her first camera and how her passion became her vocation. Read the rest of this entry

Lessons in Wifery from Anna Karenina

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The Unequal Marriage by Vasili PukirevLeo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina famously begins, “Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Tolstoy weaves together the storyline of one happy family and one unhappy family through the protagonists Constantine Levine and Anna Karenina. Through Levine (and his eventual wife Kitty) and Anna, Tolstoy shows us what love can add to—and take away from—an ordinary, human life. And through both Kitty and Anna, we see how each choice a woman makes leads to her eventual happiness or downfall. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Birthday, Experimental Wifery! The Best-Of Round Up and an Anniversary Give-Away

With your help, we’ve gone from 600 total hits this time last year to 7,000 hits a month. With over 56,000 hits and almost 400 subscribers, we’re still going strong. We have you to thank for it and we want to give something back to you.

This week, Experimental Wifery is giving away a $25 gift card that you can use toward the purchase of books or films every woman should know about—or to anything else you need to help you be a better woman and wife. Just leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d like to see in the coming year by this Friday, November 16 at 9pm EST. Read the rest of this entry

Is He the One? 6 Conversations to Have before You Say “I Do”

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Did you know that the same small handful of issues cause the majority of divorces? When we’re dating, it’s often easy to gloss over issues like communication, finances, sexual intimacy, and child-rearing because we want to avoid conflict and hurt feelings. But by having these six conversations before you walk down the aisle, you can protect your marriage and start out on a solid foundation. Read the rest of this entry

3 Things Every Couple Needs in the Bedroom

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This post is the second in a series about using the space in your home more thoughtfully.

Couples go to their bedrooms looking for privacyintimacy, and escape from the minuta of being homeowners, citizens, workers, and parents. But, especially in a home with children, these fundamental desires can be hard to fulfill. Read the rest of this entry

5 Great TV Marriages from the Last Ten Years

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The marriages in most modern TV shows are disastrous. Even the stable marriages of couples like Modern Family‘s Claire and Phil Dunphy, Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Debra and Ray Romano, and The Simpsons‘ Marge and Homer work despite the man’s weakness or outright stupidity—certainly not the marriages most young girls dream of.

But we don’t have to look all the way back to Father Knows Best or Leave It to Beaver to find examples worth copying for ourselves. These five very different T.V. marriages offer twenty-first century takes on happy relationships. Read the rest of this entry