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How to Make a Long Drive Fun

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The Travelling Companions by Augustus EggBetween delays, security lines, rising prices, and falling service, Adam and I already found airline travel a hassle. Add a toddler and flying became more trouble than it was worth.

That’s why Adam and I are solidly committed to the good, old-fashioned road trip.We’ve racked up more than 2,000 miles traveling to visit relatives and vacation destinations. These are a few things we’ve learned to make those long drives more fun. Read the rest of this entry

Mommy Has Needs Too: Keys to a Better Life Blend

While some women find professional or personal satisfaction as full-time working or stay-at-home mothers, others feel deeply divided between work and home. (Read more about the rise of the work/home divide.) If you’re someone looking for concrete advice for filling in the gap and finding time for yourself, look no further than Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s latest eBook, Work Shift: Finding a Better Blend of Work, Life and Family. Read on for how to win a free copy. Read the rest of this entry

10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Husband Be a Great Dad

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Being a parent is harder than it looks. The added responsibilities are hard enough, especially when balanced with marriage, homemanagement, and work. But the real challenge comes from all the little sacrifices we make every day, each moment we have to choose someone else’s needs over our own.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to make the difficult habit of self-giving a little easier for your husband. In informal panel of men suggests that, by keeping these 10, simple ideas in mind, you can help your husband be the dad he wants to be. Read the rest of this entry

How to Buy Great Baby Toys

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When I was a baby, my mother’s mother showered me with dozens of toys—so many toys I didn’t know what to do with them. In fact, my second Christmas I absolutely refused to open another present, even with a pile left for me under the tree. While her heart was in the right place, my grandmother was so excited to buy me things that she didn’t take the time to think about what kinds of toys I would really enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

How to Sterilize Your Home after an Illness

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Even days after our son, Thomas, stopped showing symptoms of a recent bout of stomach illness, people who came into contact with him started dropping like flies. First, Adam and me (I even landed myself in the emergency room!), then Thomas’ grandfather and both of his grandmothers, Thomas’ godmother, and three family friends. My best efforts to keep a clean home clearly weren’t up to the challenge of this persistent virus. So with a little research, I made a check list for how to get my family healthy and stop spreading our illnesses to the people we care about. Read the rest of this entry

Feed Your Baby the Fun Way with Baby-Led Weaning

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Baby Jesus may feed himself grapes, but most babies shouldn't eat whole grapes until they're at least a year old.

When my son, Thomas, was four months old, my doctor suggested I start introducing solid foods. I tried spoon-feeding him rice cereal, but he really didn’t seem interested. What was I doing wrong? Was he going to starve?

Then Thomas and I went to visit a friend and her one-year-old. I was in the middle of asking my friend how to cope with my solid food woes when her son walked in—eating an unpeeled apple, straight off the core. I was used to kids who won’t eat anything except PB&J with the crusts cut off, so I was amazed.

My friend explained to me that she and her husband used baby-led weaning. Read the rest of this entry

Three Steps to a More Kid (and Parent!) -Friendly Home

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This post is the first in a series about using the space in your home more thoughtfully. You can read more Christopher Alexander’s ideas in his classic book on architecture, A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, ConstructionAlexander’s book is written specifically for amateurs like me to reshape their communities and homes into more livable spaces. Read the rest of this entry