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Four Easy Ways to Shop Local

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Students in the small town of Howard, South Dakota noticed that their community was about to disappear. The population was just 3,000 already, and most of their graduating friends left for college to never return. The town was run down, but there just weren’t tax dollars to fix roads and sidewalks. That’s when the students realized that if members of the community spent just 10 percent more of their disposable income at local businesses, they would bring in more than $7 million in tax revenue—enough for a new start for the struggling town. By shopping local, Howard citizens were able to save their community. Read the rest of this entry

How to Prevent Arguments with the People You Love

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Medieval couple Abelard and Heloise have a heated conversation.

A few nights ago, Adam was three hours late coming home. He didn’t call. He didn’t e-mail. He didn’t text. So I sat at home getting more and more worried. When he walked through the door, I was overwhelmed by gratitude and relief. But if I was so happy to see him, why was my first instinct to start a huge fight?

In relationships, some things really should make us angry—but not everything. A husband who rarely takes nights out with friends, and who loaned me his smartphone, probably doesn’t deserve my wrath. These are the lessons I learned that night about choosing not to start an argument.
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Triage Care for Cuts and Scrapes

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My mother always taught me that being prepared for an emergency was one of a woman’s most important responsibilities.

I was very grateful for my first aid training a few months ago. While washing the dishes, a wine glass shattered in Adam’s hand. He was in a lot of pain and bleeding heavily. Because I already knew what to do in this kind of emergency, I could stay calm and give someone I care about get the help he needed when he was injured. Read the rest of this entry

How to Host an Elegant Afternoon Tea

Although many Englishmen and women still sit down for a cup of tea in the afternoon, the custom has all but disappeared in America. Even so, a well-executed tea is one of the most relaxing and intimate ways to spend an afternoon with friends.

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Cooking 101: Homemade Cake So Easy It Might As Well Come from a Box

Pound cake is the world’s most fool-proof homemade cake—and my great-grandmother’s recipe is one of the world’s tastiest, too. Although it is traditionally baked in a tube pan, pound cake batter works well as a loaf cake, sheet cake, or cupcakes and tastes delicious frosted. With a little practice, you can get a pound cake into the oven in about ten minutes. Just sift, mix, and bake.

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Great Workouts for Women: Rock Climbing

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Note: This post includes material and ideas from guest writer Amy Fincher.

Rock climbing might seem like a manly sport, but according to, women have a certain “feminine graciousness and apparent ease” as they move across a rock face. Because of our natural agility, creativity, and determination, climbing is a perfect form of exercise for women. Read the rest of this entry

Five Steps to Looking More Gorgeous (and Professional) at Work

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Basic business casual usually means a shirt, a skirt or slacks, and a pair of shoes for all the women in your office. But by keeping five, simple steps in mind, a woman can set herself apart in the workplace as a professional…and as a lady. Read the rest of this entry