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How to Present Food That Looks as Good as It Tastes

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If you’ve ever eaten at a really nice restaurant, you’ve probably noticed something different about the food. It’s not just the way the food tastes—it’s the way the food looks. Nice restaurants plate, or artistically arrange, food on a plate so dishes are as much of a treat for the eye as for the tongue. Plating is one of those extra little touches that makes eating out at a nice restaurant such a special experience. And it’s a surprisingly easy extra touch to add to the food you serve in your home. Read the rest of this entry

Feed Your Baby the Fun Way with Baby-Led Weaning

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Baby Jesus may feed himself grapes, but most babies shouldn't eat whole grapes until they're at least a year old.

When my son, Thomas, was four months old, my doctor suggested I start introducing solid foods. I tried spoon-feeding him rice cereal, but he really didn’t seem interested. What was I doing wrong? Was he going to starve?

Then Thomas and I went to visit a friend and her one-year-old. I was in the middle of asking my friend how to cope with my solid food woes when her son walked in—eating an unpeeled apple, straight off the core. I was used to kids who won’t eat anything except PB&J with the crusts cut off, so I was amazed.

My friend explained to me that she and her husband used baby-led weaning. Read the rest of this entry

How to Make Delicious, Buttery Pancakes… from Scratch

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“My friend’s mom makes pancakes really weird,” my young cousin once told my aunt. “She pours this liquidy stuff onto a pan. She doesn’t use the microwave at all!” My cousin had just encountered the joy of homemade pancakes. Frozen pancakes, just-add-water batter, and even baking mixes really don’t compare to the moist, buttery crispness of truly made-from-scratch pancakes in taste, or in that sense of pride from turning flour, milk, and eggs into a delicious breakfast treat. Read the rest of this entry

Vintage Cooking with Dried Beans

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Most of us know that beans are good for us—high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Canned beans are nice in a pinch, but did you know that dried beans are more cost-effective, nutritious, and delicious? Experimental Wifery explains why old-fashioned dried beans are so great, how to prepare them, and even throws in a simple, chickpea pasta dish to try. Read the rest of this entry

How to Host an Elegant Afternoon Tea

Although many Englishmen and women still sit down for a cup of tea in the afternoon, the custom has all but disappeared in America. Even so, a well-executed tea is one of the most relaxing and intimate ways to spend an afternoon with friends.

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Cooking 101: Homemade Cake So Easy It Might As Well Come from a Box

Pound cake is the world’s most fool-proof homemade cake—and my great-grandmother’s recipe is one of the world’s tastiest, too. Although it is traditionally baked in a tube pan, pound cake batter works well as a loaf cake, sheet cake, or cupcakes and tastes delicious frosted. With a little practice, you can get a pound cake into the oven in about ten minutes. Just sift, mix, and bake.

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How to Make Pasta Sauce with Whatever You Have in the Kitchen

An experimental wife is always ready for a hungry husband, a lazy day, or unexpected guests. But she doesn’t always slave away over the stove: she keeps her kitchen stocked with staples and knows how to improvise nutritious food quickly.

Pasta and sauce is a fast meal that you can easily throw together at the last minute. Of course you need pasta. But besides that, you can get away with improvising pasta regardless of what’s in your pantry. Read the rest of this entry