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Six Ways to Find the Time to Exercise

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Flying Fish by James Herbert DraperWhen I started my Month of Self-Care back in January, I realized that there was only so much that new clothes and make-up could do to make me look and feel better. If I wanted to be at my best, I needed to get in shape. But how in the world would I find the time?

Now I run three days a week. I take a swimming class with my husband on one of my off days and go on a long walk with my son another.

It turns out that moms can find time for exercise. It helps to have your partner’s support, but with a little creativity, anything is possible. Here are some ideas that have worked for me. Read the rest of this entry

A Month of Self-Care Round Up

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The Toilette of Louis XIII via WikimediaThank you for making January Experimental Wifery’s best month ever. As part of our Twelve Months to a Better Woman project, we’ve spent the last 31 days talking about self-care—ways to look and feel our best. Read on for

  • the best of A Month of Self-Care
  • the best of your comments
  • ideas for where to go next

Read the rest of this entry

Fitness for Moms (and Other Busy People)

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ENG151196034  01Self-care, at least the way we’ve defined it for our Month of Self-Care, is about learning to love and care for your body—flaws and all. That means before you go on any long-planned diets or run your first marathon.

So if we’re supposed to love ourselves just the way we are, where does fitness come in?

Some people love being physically fit and truly enjoy exercise. I’m not one of those people—and, even at my thinnest and fittest, never have been. But fitness is an important part of taking good care of your body and feeling confidence and pride about the way you look. Read the rest of this entry

How to Sterilize Your Home after an Illness

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Even days after our son, Thomas, stopped showing symptoms of a recent bout of stomach illness, people who came into contact with him started dropping like flies. First, Adam and me (I even landed myself in the emergency room!), then Thomas’ grandfather and both of his grandmothers, Thomas’ godmother, and three family friends. My best efforts to keep a clean home clearly weren’t up to the challenge of this persistent virus. So with a little research, I made a check list for how to get my family healthy and stop spreading our illnesses to the people we care about. Read the rest of this entry

Great Workouts for Women: Rock Climbing

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Note: This post includes material and ideas from guest writer Amy Fincher.

Rock climbing might seem like a manly sport, but according to, women have a certain “feminine graciousness and apparent ease” as they move across a rock face. Because of our natural agility, creativity, and determination, climbing is a perfect form of exercise for women. Read the rest of this entry

Great Workouts for Women: Ballet

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For most women, ballet calls one of two images to mind. We might remember our own elementary school ballet classes, frilly, pink tutus and all. Or we might think of gorgeous, athletic dancers whose abilities are totally beyond our reach.

Despite its reputation, ballet is approachable for adults—both as an art form and as an exercise. There are many reasons the Experimental Wife ought to try ballet. Read the rest of this entry