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Four Easy Ways to Shop Local

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Students in the small town of Howard, South Dakota noticed that their community was about to disappear. The population was just 3,000 already, and most of their graduating friends left for college to never return. The town was run down, but there just weren’t tax dollars to fix roads and sidewalks. That’s when the students realized that if members of the community spent just 10 percent more of their disposable income at local businesses, they would bring in more than $7 million in tax revenue—enough for a new start for the struggling town. By shopping local, Howard citizens were able to save their community. Read the rest of this entry

How to Shop Like Your Grandmother

Managing your household purchases can be tough. You buy clothes to keep your family warm and proud. The house needs furnishings, appliances, and constant repair. Sometimes it seems the budget can’t keep up.

Some companies are willing to take advantage of your stress, selling you cheap products that won’t last. It takes dedication, intelligence, and, most importantly, practice to make wise and frugal purchases. Here are a few tips from your grandmother knew that kept her family warm and comfortable.

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Why a Family Budget Is “Women’s Work”

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As part of its Thirty Days to a Better Man series, The Art of Manliness encouraged men to make a budget. And with good reason. As AoM points out, a budget puts you in control, reduces stress, and increases confidence.

But a man isn’t the one who ought to keep the budget. A home—and a marriage—runs more smoothly when a woman is in charge of the budget.
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