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How to Be a Perfect Hotel Guest

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Staying in a four- or five-star hotel is a much better experience when you know what to expect—and know what’s expected of you. With a little help from an experienced hotel concierge, Experimental Wifery explains everything you need to know about staying at a nice hotel. Read the rest of this entry

How to Demand (and Get!) Great Customer Service

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My family recently had our windows replaced. It was an ordeal that turned out to be long and expensive. When the company installed windows that weren’t even the right color, I had to make several angry phone calls to the general manager and owner to get the problem solved. And along the way, I learned a few valuable lessons about customer service.

Gone are the days when airline passengers could expect a warm meal or department store customers knew that managers would go out of their way to make the shopping experience pleasant. Spending money today can be a real chore because most companies have lost an emphasis on customer service. It isn’t just the companies’ fault—it’s our fault, too, for paying more attention to price-tags than the quality of the things we buy and the way we’re treated when we buy them. Read the rest of this entry