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Why Christmas Cards Are Still Important and Basic Christmas Card Etiquette

The world's first Christmas card

The world’s first Christmas card

Christmas cards have been around since the 1840s. They’ve had their ups and downs and, like all things Christmas, have often gotten caught up in the commercialization of Christmas. But in an age where digital correspondence is the norm and personal letters are rare, a hand-written note can still bring joy and pleasure to someone’s holiday season. Read the rest of this entry

The Art of Letter Writing

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As far as I’m concerned, receiving mail of my own is one of the great privileges of being an adult. I love the feeling of going to the mailbox, hoping there is something worthwhile inside. When I see the script of a dear friend marking a lovingly handwritten letter, it always makes my day. And I know that, if I take the time to respond, I can show her how much I care about and appreciate her. That’s why letter writing is a wonderful art to share with the people you care about. Read the rest of this entry