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Is He the One? 6 Conversations to Have before You Say “I Do”

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Did you know that the same small handful of issues cause the majority of divorces? When we’re dating, it’s often easy to gloss over issues like communication, finances, sexual intimacy, and child-rearing because we want to avoid conflict and hurt feelings. But by having these six conversations before you walk down the aisle, you can protect your marriage and start out on a solid foundation. Read the rest of this entry

Are You a Good Communicator? A Mental Patient’s Guide to Better Communication

Good communication is hard. But personal relationships are more authentic and satisfying when we’re honest the people we spend time with and when we invite them to be honest with us, too. Experimental Wifery offers you a quiz to assess your own communication skills, some advice to communicate during conflict, and a personal anecdote about learning to communicate better–at twenty-seven years old. Read the rest of this entry