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10 Ways Your Body Tells You You’re Stressed and What You Can Do about It

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Over the past few months, I’ve learned how insidious stress really is. That it causes short- and long-term health problems. That it makes me more vulnerable to depression and anxiety disorders. And that those of us who suffer from chronic stress may not feel stressed because we don’t remember what it feels like not to be stressed.

Identifying and coping with stress is an important way to protect our mental health and the mental health of the people we spend time with. How many physiological signs of stress do you have? Read the rest of this entry

10 Lies You Tell Yourself and How to See Through Them

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Everyone distorts reality. We lie to ourselves to make ourselves feel better—or worse. But when we don’t face reality, we make ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of negative emotions like arrogance, disappointment, and depression. It’s important to recognize these lies we all tell ourselves because they give us a one-sided perspective about our experiences and make it harder to interact with other people.

The good news is that these lies are essentially bad habits of thought. By learning to recognize these ten cognitive distortions and put better habits in their place, we can make ourselves better—and happier—people. Read the rest of this entry