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How to Shop Like Your Grandmother

Managing your household purchases can be tough. You buy clothes to keep your family warm and proud. The house needs furnishings, appliances, and constant repair. Sometimes it seems the budget can’t keep up.

Some companies are willing to take advantage of your stress, selling you cheap products that won’t last. It takes dedication, intelligence, and, most importantly, practice to make wise and frugal purchases. Here are a few tips from your grandmother knew that kept her family warm and comfortable.

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100 Books Every Woman Should Read, Part One

Before you read this list, we strongly recommend reading Experimental Wifery’s Guide to the 100 Books Every Woman Should Read.
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How to Have Great Conversations with the Man in Your Life

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Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry and Eloquence

When Adam and I started dating, it was easy to spend hours laying in each others’ arms and talking. We never had to think about things to say. Ideas just flowed from our desire to share ourselves with each other.  Sometimes we talked about big ideas. Sometimes we talked about our favorite T.V. shows. And sometimes we talked about nothing at all.

Flash forward nine years, throw in two jobs, a home, and a baby and suddenly conversation becomes more of a luxury than a staple. That’s why we’ve learned that the ability to have great conversations takes practice.

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Great Workouts for Women: Ballet

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For most women, ballet calls one of two images to mind. We might remember our own elementary school ballet classes, frilly, pink tutus and all. Or we might think of gorgeous, athletic dancers whose abilities are totally beyond our reach.

Despite its reputation, ballet is approachable for adults—both as an art form and as an exercise. There are many reasons the Experimental Wife ought to try ballet. Read the rest of this entry

Ten Things You Can Do to Help Your Husband Reclaim His Masculinity

Adam and I have only been married for two and a half years, but we have been together since 2003. I haven’t ever thought about my computer-programming husband as a “man’s man,” so it took me a long time to recognize the needs and vulnerabilities he has that just don’t seem to make sense for someone of my sex. Finally beginning to understand the way his very male brain works has made a world of difference in our relationship.
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