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History’s 10 Greatest Love Letters from Wives to Their Husbands

The Letter by Alfred StevensMen and women have used writing to express their feelings to one another since the dawn of recorded time. Most of those heartfelt words are lost to the press of history. Even from what survive, there may be more beautiful and earnest love letters. But these 10 letters demonstrate the qualities that make a love letter a moving tribute to the beloved—and provide some guidance for writing beautiful love letters of our own.

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The History of Wifery: Women in 19th Century America

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Alexis de Tocqueville spent 9 months in 1831 traveling around the United States to study America’s religious, political, and economic character. In this excerpt, he describes why women are part of what made America a great nation.

On the Moral Education of Young Women

Long before an American girl arrives at the marriageable age, her emancipation from maternal control begins: she has scarcely ceased to be a child when she already thinks for herself, speaks with freedom, and acts on her own impulse. Read the rest of this entry