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10 Ways to Support a Friend with Depression

It is difficult to watch someone we love suffer without knowing how to help. When a friend’s parent dies, we bring a casserole. When she has been in a car accident, we pick her children up from school. But how to we help women who suffer from an invisible illness it is difficult to understand? Experimental Wifery brings you ten suggestions compiled from therapists, psychiatrists, and Alison’s own experience on the giving and receiving end of a supportive friendship for someone with depression. Read the rest of this entry

Mommy Has Needs Too: Keys to a Better Life Blend

While some women find professional or personal satisfaction as full-time working or stay-at-home mothers, others feel deeply divided between work and home. (Read more about the rise of the work/home divide.) If you’re someone looking for concrete advice for filling in the gap and finding time for yourself, look no further than Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s latest eBook, Work Shift: Finding a Better Blend of Work, Life and Family. Read on for how to win a free copy. Read the rest of this entry

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known about Being Pregnant

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Many young girls and newly-wed women fanaticize about the day they’ll finally become pregnant. But it is remarkable how little most of us know about pregnancy before we become mothers ourselves. By communicating more openly about what to expect, women can better help each other prepare for the difficult—and rewarding—task of childbearing. These are the ten most important lessons I learned during my pregnancy that I would like to share with the not-yet-initiated. Read the rest of this entry

How to Show a Man That You’re Interested without Giving Him the Wrong Idea

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What can an adult woman do to express interest in a man without giving him the wrong idea?

Adam and I were fortunate to meet and fall in love with college. But we recognize all the obstacles our still-single friends have to overcome as they look for the love of their lives. Without a community organized around a common interest like school, many of them struggle to even meet men. And those who do meet men face the difficulty of attracting their attention. Read the rest of this entry

How to Get Advice That Actually Helps You

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We only live once. That means that every step in life is new and different. Passing from one role at which we have no experience to another is part of what keeps life interesting. But it precisely because each stage in life brings new, exciting challenges that it is so important to learn to ask for—and take—advice.

I’ve had to play many new roles in the last three years of my life. I was a graduate student in a long-distance relationship. Then I was a newly-wed just starting a new job. Now I’m a new mom. Each new challenge has required a lot of advice and help from a supportive community of women—family, friends, and co-workers. Receiving so much advice has taught me a lot about how good advice and how to get it.

Good advice depends on who you ask, what you ask, and how you listen. Read the rest of this entry