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Twelve Months to a Better Woman: A Month of Self-Care

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A Month of Self-CareAs far as I know, I was the only teenage girl to ever be sent to her room to “take off some of those clothes” and “put on a little more make-up, young lady.” Unwanted attention from boys and a desire to be modest drove me to feel deeply uncomfortable with my body. I hated the way I looked and kept as much skin covered as possible all the way through high school and college.

Then, a beautiful, Italian co-worker changed my life. After I complimented her clothes for many weeks, she finally turned to me and said, “You know, you are as beautiful as I am. Your body is a gift. You should treat it that way.”

And that’s true of all of us. Our bodies are a gift that we should both take care of and present beautifully to the world. Read the rest of this entry

The Case for the Ballet Bun

Pinterest is full of “Perfect Hairstyles for Moms” or “Great Hair in Minutes for Busy Women.” I don’t know about you, but I find just looking at the pictures overwhelming! That’s why, time and time again, I turn to the simple ballet bun.

Ballet buns have a lot to offer:

  • Buns are quick. With very little practice, you can put your hair up in a bun in under a minute. In fact, you can put towel-dried hair up in a bun any season of the year it won’t freeze.
  • Read the rest of this entry

10 Tips for a Thriftier Wardrobe

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Thrifty and frugal are underused words. They describe a person who knows how to use money wisely and evaluate something’s value.

Too often we brag about being cheap—being able to buy something at the lowest price possible. When we focus on price instead, we forget to think about a product’s value—how well it’s made, how long it will last, and how much use and pleasure we will get out of it. Read the rest of this entry

History’s 10 Strangest Fashions for Women

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As much as we might regret the return of 80s fashion, women have worn far stranger things than neon colors and acid wash jeans. Dead-animal chic, non-existant sleeves and skirts that won’t pass through doorways are just the beginning. It seems like women have always been willing to go to extremes to look fashionable, but hopefully these 10 bizarre styles are gone for good. Read the rest of this entry

The Case for Long Skirts

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Maxi skirts are “hot” right now, but long skirts never really go out of style. Some women avoid them because they think long skirts look dour or old-fashioned, but there’s a lot to be said adding a few long skirts to your wardrobe:

  • Long skirts are practical. Long skirts are as versatile as blue jeans. Wear a skirt every day with a t-shirt and sandals—change the top and add a pair of heels for a more elegant look. I have a few elasticized skirts to follow me as I change size before, during, and after pregnancies.

Read the rest of this entry

The Case for the Petticoat

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Petticoats—the undergarments that add shape to a woman’s skirt or dress—have been around for at least five hundred years. They’re currently out of mainstream fashion, but a petticoat is a wonderful addition to an woman’s wardrobe that adds a touch of elegance and fun. Read the rest of this entry

Five Steps to Looking More Gorgeous (and Professional) at Work

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Basic business casual usually means a shirt, a skirt or slacks, and a pair of shoes for all the women in your office. But by keeping five, simple steps in mind, a woman can set herself apart in the workplace as a professional…and as a lady. Read the rest of this entry