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How to Have a Happy Holiday When You Aren’t Feeling Very Happy

Songs, movies, magazines, and advertisements all tell us that the holidays are the happiest time of the year. But, for millions of people, the focus on friends and family is just another reminder of what they have lost. I am one of them. And maybe you are, too.

My beloved grandmother died just days before Christmas–I have vivid memories of a terrible Christmas Eve spent opening the gifts she had already bought. The holidays have never been quite the same for me because, amidst the joy and fun of Christmas, I can’t forget that a piece of who I am is missing. Read the rest of this entry

How to Live in the Moment

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One of the side effects of being a thoughtful woman, wife, or mother is that it is sometimes difficult to take a break. Whether or not we realize it, those plans for lunch tomorrow, worries about childcare, and self-reminders about our to-do lists can leave our brains stuck in “on mode,” even when we’re trying to sleep or relax. By training ourselves to be aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can become happier and healthier people. And it’s easier than you think.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is fundamentally about living in the present. When we practice mindfulness, we become fully aware of our bodies, our feelings, and the world around us. Read the rest of this entry

10 Ways Your Body Tells You You’re Stressed and What You Can Do about It

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Over the past few months, I’ve learned how insidious stress really is. That it causes short- and long-term health problems. That it makes me more vulnerable to depression and anxiety disorders. And that those of us who suffer from chronic stress may not feel stressed because we don’t remember what it feels like not to be stressed.

Identifying and coping with stress is an important way to protect our mental health and the mental health of the people we spend time with. How many physiological signs of stress do you have? Read the rest of this entry

Make Yourself an Emotional First-Aid Kit

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Most of us know what to do when we cut ourselves on something sharp—we go to the first-aid kit for medicines and bandages. But when we feel hurt, tired, or stressed emotionally, we don’t have clear solutions on hand.

An emotional first-aid is a resource for those times when you need a little extra help to lift your mood or turn your day around. Some things you can carry with you. Others you can keep in a drawer at home. The idea is to know what sensory experiences give you positive feelings so you can reach for them the same way you reach for an aspirin when you have a headache. Read the rest of this entry

5 Ways to Collect Your Happy Thoughts

When you’re down in the dumps, it can be hard to think of ways to make you feel better. It’s one of those features of being an adult. (In fact, J. M. Barrie makes finding just one happy thought a prerequisite for passage to Neverland.) Over the past few months of therapy, I’ve learned that the secret is to focus on positive thoughts when they come easily so you have some in reserve for when they don’t. Try these five suggestions for saving up those happy thoughts for a rainy day. Read the rest of this entry

And the Winner Is…

For the last week, Experimental Wifery has been asking readers about the greatest challenges they face blending their needs with the needs of their families. Some readers with younger children shared that they struggle to live their lives around schedules that aren’t really in their control. Others fight for focus. But we all share a desire to find a rhythm to our lives that works for us and for our families. Modern Mrs. Darcy’s new eBook,  Work Shift: Finding a Better Blend of Work, Life and Family is a great place to start.
Read the rest of this entry

Mommy Has Needs Too: Keys to a Better Life Blend

While some women find professional or personal satisfaction as full-time working or stay-at-home mothers, others feel deeply divided between work and home. (Read more about the rise of the work/home divide.) If you’re someone looking for concrete advice for filling in the gap and finding time for yourself, look no further than Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s latest eBook, Work Shift: Finding a Better Blend of Work, Life and Family. Read on for how to win a free copy. Read the rest of this entry