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10 Reasons to Crop Your Hair for the Summer

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Toilet by Christian KrohgI am 28 years old and I have spent a lifetime dreaming about short hair. Last week, I finally went for it. And I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Honestly, I wanted to do something dramatic to mark a turning point in my life. I’m a wife and a mother—and now I’m also a survivor of post-partum depression. I cut my hair to celebrate. But here are ten reasons every woman should consider a summery short-‘do.

  1. Any time is a good time to donate hair to Locks of Love.
  2. IMG_0372


  3. A vacation is a great time to try out new hairstyles and hair-care techniques like “no poo.”
  4. Short hair fits better under hats and bathing caps.
  5. Short hair is less susceptible to damage than longer hair.
  6. Short hair is cooler.
  7. Ponytails can get really boring.
  8. IMG_0378


  9. Anything goes during the summer.
  10. Short hair dries faster after a dip in the pool.
  11. Short hair is easier to style, so you’ll have fewer products and hair accessories to throw into your beach bag.
  12. Why not?

Feeling brave? Check out my Short Hair Inspiration Pinterest board for ideas. While you’re there, sign up to follow Experimental Wifery.

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  1. Does this mean you won’t be doing any more long hair tutorials??!! 😉 Loved the one on buns!

    Good for you! As women, I think we have an irrational attachment to and fear of cutting our hair. Must feel very freeing! Maaaayyyyyybe I’ll get there. Someday. 😀

  2. Donna Fincher

    AND Alison’s hair looks lovely in person too! Very chic and sophisticated!


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