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Twelve Months to a Better Woman: A Month of Self-Reflection

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reflectionI’ve always been an ideas person. I have to figure out how the world works, how I fit into it, and how I can change it. So why is a month dedicated to self-reflection a good idea?

For one, a Month of Self-Reflection is a nice follow-up to a Month of Self-Care. Self-reflection and self-care are really two halves of the same whole: learning to take care of myself inside and out.

Besides, even the most introspective of us can use a little focus. It’s one thing to have my head in the clouds, but it’s another entirely to have some honest self-assessment that yields real results.

This month you can look forward to lessons learned about being as beautiful on the inside as I look on the outside.

Reading and Watching List

What is inspiring me this month?

  • Are Women Human? by Dorothy Sayers. In these two essays, the famous English writer makes the case that men and women are first of all human beings. And all human beings are happiest when they find the work they are suited for and do it–even if it means defying traditional gender norms.
  • The Beautiful Let Down by Switchfoot. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the album The Beautiful Letdown saved my life, reminding me in my darkest hours that there was hope for a better tomorrow. “This is your life, are you who you want to be?/ This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be/ When the world was younger and you had everything to lose?”
  • Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Lindbergh uses the shells she finds on the beach as inspiration for her collection of essays about love and age, youth and marriage, peace and activity. Her quiet, meditative book encourages all women to step back and appreciate what we have—before we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the pace of modern life.
  • Now, Voyager. Repressed heiress Charlotte Vale sets out to change her life by taking a transatlantic journey under an assumed name. As she learns how to love herself, Charlotte learns to help others do the same.
  • The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music is the ultimate film about finding our callings. She Maria leaves the abbey in search of the life she was meant to live, finds the family and love she has always dreamed of.
  • Wreck-It Ralph. If you haven’t already seen Wreck-It Ralph you’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD on March 5. The sophisticated family film offers no easy answers to the tough questions about who and what we are. Life is what we make of it, whether we accept our destinies or try to change them.
  • Experimental Wifery’s Month of Self-Reflection Pinterest Board. All this month, we’ll be adding tips and tidbits. Comment to @Experimentalwifery to make suggestions.

Want to Get Involved?

I’d also love to hear your advice for me and for other women. Just link your advice to this post or leave your URL in the comments by Monday, February 25. I’ll be sure to include your suggestions in my end-of-the-month round-up. And we’re always open to guest submissions.

Don’t forget that you can follow along with Experimental Wifery via e-mail, RSS, or on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.

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