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Twelve Months to a Better Woman: A Month of Self-Care

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A Month of Self-CareAs far as I know, I was the only teenage girl to ever be sent to her room to “take off some of those clothes” and “put on a little more make-up, young lady.” Unwanted attention from boys and a desire to be modest drove me to feel deeply uncomfortable with my body. I hated the way I looked and kept as much skin covered as possible all the way through high school and college.

Then, a beautiful, Italian co-worker changed my life. After I complimented her clothes for many weeks, she finally turned to me and said, “You know, you are as beautiful as I am. Your body is a gift. You should treat it that way.”

And that’s true of all of us. Our bodies are a gift that we should both take care of and present beautifully to the world. That’s why I’m spending the month of January on self-care: learning to care for, dress, and love my body. I’ll be focusing on when to spend—and not spend—money on clothes, how to dress my body beautifully, and how to care for my physical health.

Reading and Watching List

Where am I learning these new skills?

Want to Get Involved?

I’d also love to hear your advice for me and for other women. Just link your advice to this post or leave your URL in the comments by Monday, January 28. I’ll be sure to include your suggestions in my end-of-the-month round-up. And we’re always open to guest submissions.

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  1. Ah, French and Italian women. Why am I intimidated just thinking about them??? Like you said, they don’t look all that different from us, and I’m sure they’re not all models, so what are we missing? I’ve been on this quest for some time, as well, and look forward to seeing your findings!

    It’s true about clothes. People always ask me where I’m going (just staying home!), but you spend the same amount on a pretty shirt as you would on a tee, so why wear something that makes you feel frumpy? I say dump anything that doesn’t look fantastic on you, for starters, not matter what you paid for it. And vow to buy only super flattering things in future.

    The French parenting book looks esp. interesting. We are waaaaaayyyy too child-oriented!

  2. philosophotarian

    Good for you! I have recently decided to donate all my sweatpants and to replace them with comfortable, flattering clothes for lounging about (or grocery shopping, or writing in the library) in. I absolutely find that my attitude rises or falls according to the care with which I address my outer appearance. (Inner, too, but that’s a different subject, yes?) It’s easy to feel and behave sloppily when I dress sloppily. When I wear flattering (but still stretchy and comfortable) clothing, I feel sharper and better. Remembering that is hard some days, which is why I am removing temptation by eliminating the sloppy sweats.

    • Yeah. I had to put my cozy, elastic skirts in my maternity clothes box. It’s less trouble to put on something nice than to dig them out of the attic, but I’ll be glad to have them again next time I have a baby and then some weight to lose.


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