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The Case for the Ballet Bun

Pinterest is full of “Perfect Hairstyles for Moms” or “Great Hair in Minutes for Busy Women.” I don’t know about you, but I find just looking at the pictures overwhelming! That’s why, time and time again, I turn to the simple ballet bun.

Ballet buns have a lot to offer:

  • Buns are quick. With very little practice, you can put your hair up in a bun in under a minute. In fact, you can put towel-dried hair up in a bun any season of the year it won’t freeze.
  • Buns get your hair out of your face and keep it there. Many fancier hairstyles require tons of spraying to stay up. And ponytails often give you that annoying feeling that the elastic band is constantly slipping out. Buns keep my hair so contained that even my fourteen-month-old can’t pull it!
  • Buns don’t require much hair. Buns only require enough hair to make a ponytail and wrap it into a circle. That said, thinner or finer hair made need a bit more volume for real staying power. The thicker your hair, the shorter it can be for a solid bun.
  • Buns are lovely! Buns add a nice, old-fashioned touch to any look. They wear great with jeans or a cocktail dress. You can even dress them up with a pair of chopsticks.

Ready to get started? You’ll need

  • Several hairpins, preferably the larger kind rather than standard bobby pins
  • 2-3 clips, to catch what my cousin calls “Yoda hairs” that pop off the side of the head
  • 1 ponytail elastic
  1. Put the ponytail elastic around your right wrist.
  2. Use your hands to pull your hair back as though you were going to put your hair up in a ponytail. Try to pull it up closer to the top of the head if it’s long enough—my ballet teacher claimed low buns make us look old.
  3. Use your left hand to hold the ponytail secure. Gently twist your hair around to the right. Allow it to curve into a circle flat against the back of your head. (These are right-handed instructions. I assume you could reverse the instructions as needed.)
  4. Wrap your elastic around the outside of the bun. Continue holding it secure with your left hand.
  5. With your right hand, add hairpins to the pun to hold it in place. Make sure at least some of the pins pass through hair that isn’t in the bun to secure it to your head.
  6. Use clips to secure loose hairs. Look for loose hairs near your ears and at the nape of your neck. You may need another set of clips behind your ears if you’re trying to grow out layers.

What’s your go-to hairstyle? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Wow! That really was easy! I did it sitting at my computer – didn’t even need a mirror!
    My “go to” style is this one:

  2. Have you ever used spin pins? They’re really great- I find them much easier than bobby pins.

    Thanks for the tutorial! I am going immediately to the mirror to adjust my bun higher- yes I was sporting one! But Heaven forbid I look any older than I must!!




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