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Mommy Has Needs Too: Keys to a Better Life Blend

While some women find professional or personal satisfaction as full-time working or stay-at-home mothers, others feel deeply divided between work and home. (Read more about the rise of the work/home divide.) If you’re someone looking for concrete advice for filling in the gap and finding time for yourself, look no further than Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s latest eBook, Work Shift: Finding a Better Blend of Work, Life and Family. Read on for how to win a free copy.

When Thomas was first born, being a mom was pretty easy. He slept, nursed, played, and then slept some more. I wrote, taught, and felt satisfied that I was doing many meaningful and challenging things with my life. But as he slowly became more and more like a little person, caring for him took up more and more of my time. The time to meet my own needs eroded away so gradually, I didn’t notice. It wasn’t until I was hospitalized with post-partum depression (after Thomas was one, by the way), that I accepted an important truth about life: Being a wife and mother means meeting my family’s needs–and I’m a part of my family, too. My mental health and happiness contribute immeasurably to the well-being of my husband and son.

That’s what Anne’s book is all about–finding a sense of balance in your life. Maybe you need the intellectual stimulation of part-time work, but you’re satisfied doing it from home. Or you’re a lonely extrovert longing for a job that brings you into contact with other adults. Perhaps you’d like to contribute to your family’s finances without having to pay for childcare. Work Shift has practical advice for you. Anne introduces you to other women who have made choices that balance the needs of all the members of their families–objective stories with no mommy guilt thrown in for the things you are or aren’t doing for your kids.

A disproportionate number of woman Anne interviewed are wives of ministers or female ministers themselves–their families have a kind of flexibility many families can only dream of. But Work Shift still gives us plenty of tips for thinking outside of the box, overcoming hurdles, and living the life we want.

Want a copy for yourself? Just leave a comment describing your greatest challenge blending your needs with the needs of your family. Experimental Wifery will announce the winner on Monday, September 24. You can also pick up a copy from Amazon or check-out (Anne sent me a free copy to review and is generously providing the copy for my giveaway.)

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation! My biggest challenge is timing… I haven’t struck a happy balance of getting to work at a decent hour, without interrupting TomTom’s sleep schedule, and being home in time to play with neighbors/ cook dinner, but not interrupting afternoon nap, and then evenings I try to have a grown-up conversation with Joseph, and then it’s time to sleep! I’ve really struggled for any regular wedge of time to rejuvenate my creativity & spirit. Been having some success at praying first thing, and did get some gym time a few weeks ago, but needing some sort of rhythm that hasn’t happened yet.

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  3. My challenge relates to your criticism of the book–it’s great to say these opportunities for flexibility are growing, but not great if you’re in a job or industry where they really aren’t. I work for a small company and am not only trying to balance (or blend, as Anne likes to say) my family’s needs (our first child is due in November) and my needs, but the needs of this business, as well. It’s frustrating, and draining, and I’m still seeking a good solution. I’m hoping reading the book will give me some ideas!

  4. My toughest challenge is keeping focused on the task at hand, or switching gears if you will.

  5. My toughest challenge is trying to get and stay ahead! I hate that feeling that you are just just afloat.

  6. I have the hardest time setting goals and planning…which has to be the hugest possible obstacle in getting anything done in any aspect of life!

  7. I have a hard time with managing time I get easily distracted in my job and then have to rush at the last minute.

  8. I have such a hard time with the fact that I have to work outside of the home! Then when I get home my husband leaves to go to work. I wish I was more organized so that the little bit of time I have with my husband wasn’t spent trying to keep things together.


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