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Five (Mostly Free!) Date Nights That Make Great Conversations Easy

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In almost nine years together, Adam and I have learned that great conversations depend on time, space, and silence. The best date nights are the ones that make conversations easy by providing the stillness and quiet that make open conversation thrive. These five (mostly free!) dates make great conversations easy, whether you’re just beginning a relationship or you’ve been married for many years.

  • Nature Walks. Long walks give both of you the chance to relax and enjoy yourselves in the great outdoors. Walk a while in comfortable silence to think about each others’ big ideas!
  • Fireside Chats. Whether in front of a summer bonfire or winter fireplace, these flaming, hot dates give you something interesting to look at and save you the awkwardness of staring each other down. Plus, everything seems more contemplative in front of a fire.
  • Long Drives. Make boring road-trips into intimate dates! Car trips make you each others’ captive audience. Talk about your hopes and dreams instead of your son’s upcoming soccer game. (I’ve heard of one couple who take their kids to a far-away park, exhaust them, and let them sleep in the car on the drive home. Instant date with free babysitting!)
  • Star-Gazing.What’s more romantic than staring up at the stars, discussing about life? Enjoy the peace and silence in the natural breaks in your conversation. If you live in a city, combine star-gazing with a thoughtful long drive.
  • Cozy Dinner. Okay, this one isn’t free. But choose a relaxing, multi-course dinner so you can break bread together. Choose small and quiet over expensive and flashy. Bonus points for dining local.

What is the best date you’ve ever had? Share it with us in the comments.

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  1. We always save up discussion ideas for our long car trips! Also, we enjoy visiting national parks & battlefields – many of those are free and, like a nature walk, gives good time for closeness in proximity and discussion.

  2. barefoothippiegirl

    We are road trippin’ soon, and I am looking forward to the long talks. The kids watch dvds, and we get a chance to discuss a lot of things. I like long dinners for the same reason. We just need to log off technology, and connect.


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