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We Missed You Last Week!

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If you’re just getting power or internet service, we missed you last week! We’ve been working off-line, so we hope you won’t mind if we take a day or two to clean up and catch up. In the meantime, take the chance to catch up on a few of Experimental Wifery’s offerings from last week. And don’t forget to share what you like about the site with your friends through Facebook or Pinterest.

In his Pulitzer-Prize-winning book, Founding Brothers, Joseph Ellis names Abigail Adams as one of the eight most prominent political leaders in early America alongside such greats as her husband, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Her loyalty to her husband, devotion to their common cause, and excellence as a wife and mother make her a beautiful example of Wifery in Action. Read more about this American heroine…

In 1903 Emma Lazarus’ sonnet “The New Colossus” made the Statue of Liberty into more than just a symbol of two nations’ independence. Her poem, and the epigraph from it now engraved at the Statue’s base, turned the Statue of Liberty into a welcoming mother and a symbol of hope to immigrants from all over the world. Experimental Wifery shows you how to read the poem…

If you’ve ever read a book set in turn-of-the-last century in London or New York, you’ve probably read about characters who spend the summer on their country estates and return to the city for “the season.” These wealthy characters wanted to be in town for all of the great operas, ballets, and concerts that their city had to offer. And they had bought their tickets in advance through a subscription. Read more about how and why you can subscribe, too…

Kristin Lavransdatter lives a happy life of privilege. She has a wealthy and respected father who loves her and a betrothed who is devoted to her. But when she falls deeply in love with charming, impulsive Erlend Nikulaussøn, she defies them and all of fourteenth-century Norwegian society to be his. Read more about what this classic novel has to teach us about being better women and wives…

Experimental Wifery would love to hear from you. What makes you a better woman or wife? Send us a comment or drop us an e-mail at to share your ideas for us. Or share your thoughts with us by writing a guest post.

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