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The Case for Long Skirts

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Maxi skirts are “hot” right now, but long skirts never really go out of style. Some women avoid them because they think long skirts look dour or old-fashioned, but there’s a lot to be said adding a few long skirts to your wardrobe:

  • Long skirts are practical. Long skirts are as versatile as blue jeans. Wear a skirt every day with a t-shirt and sandals—change the top and add a pair of heels for a more elegant look. I have a few elasticized skirts to follow me as I change size before, during, and after pregnancies.

  • Long skirts are comfortable. Long skirts, especially the fun, billowy kind, don’t constrict your waist, thighs, or knees. They also tend to keep you warmer than short skirts in the winter and cooler than pants in the summer.
  • Long skirts are modest. Long skirts don’t blow in the wind. And they don’t look vulgar if you forget to cross your legs.
  • Long skirts are economical. Not only are long skirts practical garments, but they tend to stand up to several more wearings between washings than pants.
  • Long skirts are healthy. Pioneering childbirth expert Dr. Robert Bradley believes long skirts are better for women’s gynecological health than pants or hosiery.
  • Long skirts are feminine. Wearing a flowing long skirt makes add a little bit of grace to your day. What other garment can you easily throw on in the morning to take care of kids or housework while still feeling like a beautiful woman?

Ready to add some long skirts to your wardrobe?

Casual. Look for skirts in natural fibers like cotton that breathe and flow. Top them with t-shirts or tanks and cardigans during the summer and sweaters or shirts and blazers during colder months. Choose sandals or slip ons during the summer and fun leather boots for winter wear. Accentuate the “earth mother” look with a chunky necklace and dangly earrings. (Photo by Maegen of the fashion blog, …love Maegan.)

Professional.  Layer a beautiful top over a long blue or black skirt for an elegant, professional touch to your wardrobe. Wear with small heels and finish with a lovely necklace chain and stud earrings. The long skirt look is professional, elegant, and modest for the workplace. (Photo by Idren of the fashion blog, Heijastuspinta.)

Read more about professional dress…

Formal.Consider a skirt or skirt suit made from fabrics like wool or silk for classy occasions. Look less fastidious by pairing a dressy, black skirt with a sparkly, short-sleeved top of a different color. Long skirts with petticoats have a special charm of their own. Or check out vintage stores, Etsy, or Ebay for a lovely, vintage suit like this one.

You can find long skirts at your local vintage shop or thrift store. You can also order beautiful, custom-made skirts from one of my favorite Etsy vendors, The Modest Maiden.

Have something to say about fashion? Consider writing a guest post for Experimental Wifery.

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  1. I’m was absolutely ecstatic when I saw this post! Though you (briefly) touched on this subject with your earlier post about petticoats – I’m so glad you revisited and elaborated on the topic. I’m actually in the process now of adding more skirts to my wardrobe, and I’ve decided to hand sew a few. Kill two birds with one stone: practice my sewing – which I’m a complete beginner at, and add more feminine and flattering looks to my closet. I’ve been using this blog as a reference – maybe others might find it useful as well 🙂

    I do have a few questions pertaining to guest post submissions. 1) Do you need to have a blog of your own or any sort of experience writing articles to submit? And 2) what sort of topics are you wanting for your blog, is it limited to fashion posts at this time?

    I’m very eagerly awaiting the next post – Keep up the excellent work!

    • I’m glad you’re excited about long skirts. They’re really handy!

      As for guest posts, you should check out the submission guidelines. You don’t have to have a blog of your own or any experience–although it’s easier to write about something you do know. Topics are almost completely open. (I don’t think I’m looking for any help on Lessons in Wifery.) My special weaknesses as woman and wife are fitness and fashion, so that’s why I was soliciting help after this post.

      I look forward to reading whatever you come up with!

  2. I love wearing long skirts! When the weather is hot, I much prefer them to shorts, and they are far more elegant. They are also one of the easiest things to make by hand: all straight lines! It’s an easy way to bring some colorful fabric designs into your wardrobe.


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