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How to Write Great Thank You Notes

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Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the Mary Kay Cosmetics company, set herself a simple task: she hand wrote three thank you notes at the close of each day. She attributed part of her success in business to taking the time to let the people around her know they were appreciated.

Handwritten thank you notes are one of the very best ways to express gratitude to the people around you. And spending time thinking about all the things you have been given is a great way to make yourself more aware of the blessings in your own life.

Consider writing a thank you note

  • after receiving a gift
  • after staying in someone’s home overnight
  • after being entertained in someone’s house
  • after receiving a significant favor

Great thank you notes aren’t hard to write. You can express sincere gratitude to a gift-giver in four sentences:

  1. Thank the gift giver and identify what you’re thanking him or her for. Thank you for the adorable Christmas ornament. Thank you for the lovely dinner.
  2. Say something nice about the gift or how you’ll use it. Everyone likes to give useful presents. You can make a gift-giver feel truly appreciated by telling him how his gift has helped you. It looks beautiful on our tree. We enjoyed meeting your family. This sentence is especially helpful for gifts of cash or gift cards. I’m looking forward to buying our son a new toy with your generous present. No matter how awful a gift seems, the gift giver spent time and money on you—find something you can appreciate about it. The ornament makes me smile every time I look at it.
  3. Say something nice about the gift-giver. People give gifts to show they care about you. Show them you care about them, too. Try mentioning how great it was to see them or how much you look forward to seeing them again. You always give the most thoughtful gifts. We always enjoy the pleasure of your company.
  4. Close by signing your name.

Thank you notes don’t have to come on expensive stationary. Consider picking up a set from one of my favorite Etsy vendors, Memorable Occasions.

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  1. So true. Handwritten thank you notes are a dying art. Today’s generation of young people often prefer to send a text or place a post on Facebook. It is always refreshing for me to receive a handwritten card in the snail mail!

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