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How Amazon Subscribe and Save Helped Me Take Charge of My Budget

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La Pollivendola by Giacomo Favretto
Call me naïve, but in almost six years of running a household for my family, I have never come in under budget for household goods…

I’ve known about Amazon Subscribe & Save for a while now, but it is only in the last few months that I’ve used it to take charge of my spending on staple household goods. Believe it or not, I’m spending less than 75% of what I used to spend on these items each month!

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Finish Your To-Do List without Going Insane

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The Chess Game by Sofonisba AnguissolaAre there days when you have so much to do that you can’t focus long enough to get anything done?

The Pomodoro Technique has changed the way I work on my to-do list. Pomodoro is a time management system that breaks time into chunks with pre-scheduled breaks. First we’ll show you how the technique works and then explain why it is a great idea for busy women. Read the rest of this entry

Hosting a Dinner Party for People with Food Allergies and a Menu to Get You Started

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Küchenstück mit Köchin und Küchenmagd by Joachim BeuckelaerAt least 15 million Americans suffer from known food allergies. Many more have food sensitivities they may not even be aware of.

I hesitate to invite over friends with food allergies. It can be a lot of trouble to go on a special shopping trip or buy expensive special ingredients. Plus, making food for friends with food allergies puts their health in my kitchen. That’s a big responsibility!
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How to Survive Prodromal Labor

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La Donna Gravida by RaphaelMost moms-to-be are surprised to find out labor won’t be what they’re expecting. Labor probably won’t start with their water breaking at a dramatic moment. (Only about 15% of women begin labor this way.) Some moms-to-be may not even be sure they have started labor at all.

Maybe you think you’ve started labor. You have to concentrate to cope with the pain of contractions. They come regularly. Maybe they even come less than five minutes apart. You rush to the hospital only to discover that you haven’t dilated. You aren’t in active labor at all. But the painful contractions just keep coming.

You may be in prodromal labor.
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How to Sing Harmony

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Alleluia by Thomas Cooper GotchChoral music is a little slice of what makes us human. One the one hand, our voices are capable of more subtlety and nuance than any other instrument; singing is a very personal, creative, and individual art. On the other, choral music requires a true gift of self, choosing to work together to produce something more beautiful than I can create on my own.

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Six Ways to Find the Time to Exercise

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Flying Fish by James Herbert DraperWhen I started my Month of Self-Care back in January, I realized that there was only so much that new clothes and make-up could do to make me look and feel better. If I wanted to be at my best, I needed to get in shape. But how in the world would I find the time?

Now I run three days a week. I take a swimming class with my husband on one of my off days and go on a long walk with my son another.

It turns out that moms can find time for exercise. It helps to have your partner’s support, but with a little creativity, anything is possible. Here are some ideas that have worked for me. Read the rest of this entry

Why You Should Care about Your On-Line Privacy and 4 Easy Changes to Get You Started

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The Eavesdropper by Eugen von BlaasIn the United States, the Bill of Rights guarantees our right to freedom of speech and protects us from unreasonable searches. These freedoms are a source of national pride, a part of our American heritage. So, for me at least, the recent revelation that the National Security Agency monitors our activity on-line makes this Independence Day celebration a little bittersweet.

This Fourth of July, I’m standing up for my rights by taking charge of my on-line presence—and you can, too. Read the rest of this entry